Last night, reports surfaced that producer Mally Mall was hit with charges of human trafficking, which arose as a result of a raid on his San Fernando home. While the LAPD and California Department of Fish and Wildlife-led raid originally centered around Mall’s exotic animals, the Love & Hip-Hop star reportedly found himself taken into custody over a different crime altogether. While he and his team have vehemently denied any involvement with human-trafficking, a new lawsuit has been filed, in which Mall is accused of running a Las Vegas-based sex trafficking operation. 

Mally Mall Has Been Accused Of Sex-Trafficking In New Lawsuit
Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

According to TMZ’s findings, Mall is being accused by three Nevada prostitutes, who have requested that judges consider the 13th Amendment which prohibits slavery in any form. Apparently, one of the women filing the lawsuit originally responded to a job posting for VIP Entertainment in 2006, issued by one of Mall’s employees; she went on to claim that the company is merely a front, through which Mall can operate an escort service. She also claims that she was trafficked into Las Vegas, where she was forced to prostitute herself on the company’s behalf. 

Though the job posting promised a glamorous lifestyle, mirroring the relationship between Hugh Hefner and the Playboy Bunnies, the reality was far bleaker. The woman also claims to have been “forced” into giving Mall oral sex, as well as transferring him one hundred percent of her earnings. “Mally Mall was entering the music industry and he was recognized as a major pimp in the illegal sex trade in Las Vegas,” she states. 

Despite Mall’s vehement denials, it’s not looking good at the current moment. Expect more details to surface in the coming days.