Hip hop producer Mally Mall is denying reports that he was arrested yesterday following a raid on his home. It was previously reported by TMZ that the Love & Hip Hop star was taken into custody after the Los Angeles Police Department and agents from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife searched his San Fernando home. They further reported that Mall was cuffed up on charges of human trafficking, but Mall’s attorney Steve Sadow tells The Blast, “Any claim by LAPD that this case has to do with human trafficking is simply a lie.”

Captain Patrick Foy of the California DFW stated that there were exotic animals seized in the search and the investigation into Mall begun about eight months ago. Mall has been in their eyesight for a while, especially after he brought one of his animals into a strip club and gifted Justin Bieber with another. However, he's never been shy about posting about his pets on social media.

Contrary to what's been reported, The Blast says they spoke directly with Mall and he vehemently denies these claims. The publication states that Mall wants the public to know that the accusations against him have absolutely nothing to do with human trafficking. He says an allegation such as that is damaging to his character. A spokesperson for the LAPD previously made a statement mentioning human trafficking, but Mall was clear that that just isn't true because the search warrant only makes mention of exotic pets.

However, TMZ reports that there were allegations of "multiple rapes and human sex trafficking, as well as firearms on the premises" and that  their sources state LAPD SWAT also believed "he was illegally importing exotic species into California for people working in the entertainment industry."

TMZ continues to report that a Texas woman claims that after Mall saw her fitness videos online, they made an agreement for him to fly her to Califonia to visit. According to their report, she was drugged, raped, and locked in a room. She allegedly stayed a second day and had sex with him again because she felt the need to be "submissive." The following day she developed a rash and sought medical attention. After a nurse allegedly saw that she was suffering from vaginal trauma, the police were notified. TMZ claims that three other women have also stepped forward to share their similar allegations of rape.

The reality star also says that he's being accused of trafficking exotic animals, but he asserts he has all the proper licensing for his pets. If things escalate and he's cited or taken to court, Mall plans on fighting the charges and says his animals are well taken care of. His Serval cat was seized by authorities while they also visited rapper Swae Lee's home and took his spider monkey.