It’s not unlike Future to express vulnerability on his records, but SAVE ME takes the cake. However, the candid honesty about his faults and flaws give the album an attractive quality, even with its melancholy essence. On his track “Please Tell Me,” Future addresses quite a few issues, but the overall theme seems to deal with insecurity. Lyrically, Future raps about being with a woman and doing whatever it is that he can to make sure that she’s taken care of financially and materialistically.

Yet, there’s no real return in the relationship other than his request for her to “please tell [him]” that he’s the boss. He can show her how a real man operates because he’s rich. The rapper spends most of his time on the song talking about providing for this woman, but one line gets to the crux of his problem when he states, “And all I really want is for you to hold me down.” Some fans have an aversion to Future’s self-reflective, somber-esque quality of SAVE ME, but the project itself speaks to his growth an artist.

Quotable Lyrics

So I gotta pipe that down (Please, please)
When a rich n*gga text her phone (Please)
Baby gotta screenshot now (Please)
Went to sleep with all my jewelry on me, yeah (Please)
I bet she tryna take a peek now (Please, please)
You can splurge all day long, yeah
F*ckin’ with a rich n*gga now, yeah
And all I really want is for you to hold me down (Please, please)