Wifisfuneral was one of the many artists who made a name for themselves during the XXXTentacion Soundcloud wave and was rewarded for his efforts by being placed on XXL Freshman Cover in 2018. Since then, Wifisfuneral has been releasing music in small doses. His most recent project was with Robb Bank$ and was title Conn3ct3dNow, the rapper is back with an all-new track called “run?” where we see him get into a more melodic flow.

Throughout the song, Wifisfuneral makes connections to his past and looks to escape the demons that have plagued him during his come up. Instead, the rapper would rather create new beginnings, and leave the worst parts of him behind. He even mentions a woman at some point that he continues to text and give attention to although he knows deep down it will never work out. It is these very obstacles that Wifisfuneral wishes to rid himself of on his journey to self-fulfillment.

What do you think of the rapper’s latest track?

Quotable Lyrics:

Hold up, look at my life like “What’s the purpose?”
Thought when I made some bands that this shit would’ve turned out perfect
When I still look in the mirror like fuck I still feel worthless
Remember way back when lil bitch thought I was borin now that cash in