Rap legends Salt-N-Pepa are three decades deep into their career with a long list of hits under their belt. The record-breaking rap duo sat down with The Root to play a game of “My Black Ass” where they were to choose between two options and say what they preferred. Many of the questions were culture-sensitive, while others were throwbacks to the earlier days of their career. 

The ladies were asked if they would choose Kid or Play from the House Party rap icons Kid ‘n Play, and after they divulged which of the two were their favorites, they shared that many moons ago, they all used to work at a Sears department store together.

Salt-N-Pepa Recall Working With Kid 'N Play & Martin Lawrence At Sears
David Becker/Getty Images

“I was working at Sears,” Cheryl “Salt” James said. “I was going to school with Pep. Pep needed a job so I told her to come over to Sears. Kid ‘n Play were already there and then Martin Lawrence came over from D.C. and started working there.” Even then, the talented group of co-workers had aspirations of being the next big thing in the entertainment industry. “Everybody had a dream and everybody wanted to do what we’re all doing today and it all worked out. We were telephone solicitors for Sears appliances.”

The pair also had to choose between Video Music Box or Yo! MTV Raps, “Push It” or “What a Man,” and if they’d rather wear an 8 Ball jacket or a starter jacket. Check out their answers below.