Vivica A. Fox is a successful actress who popped off in the late 80’s starring in classic films such as Kill Bill, Booty Call, Set It Off, Independence Day and more. The 54-year-old recently opened up to Fox News, telling the publication how she’s grateful to have never been a victim to sexual assault during her rise to fame. 

“I’ve been fortunate that it hasn’t happened in my career,” she said. “I can’t say I haven’t been hit on. … I just tried to make better choices. … But I respect those that speak out and I’m all about women’s empowerment… and not being taken advantage of.”

She added: “And it doesn’t happen just in show business. It happens in a lot of different genres. … If someone is offering you a shortcut, don’t do it.” Vivica further explained that although she supports the #MeToo movement, she isn’t for those who use it the wrong way to take people down. 

“I’m happy about the #MeToo movement for the simple fact that it brought exposure to those who were abusing their power,” she explained. “However, I’m not happy with those who are using the #MeToo movement to be an excuse to take down people… It takes two to tango.”

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