There are levels to the feud between Chief Keef and 6ix9ine. Though it had appeared to reach a culmination, Tekashi is still poking fun at the Chicago rapper on his socials. In case you missed it, Tek is no longer claiming New York as he’s restructured his royal title to become the “King of Europe.” As he parades around the continent, he’s been making skit videos to troll his “father” 50 Cent. The two are clearly close and considering they adopt the same tactics when feuding with others, it only makes sense that they claim each other as family. Much like Fiddy would do, Tekashi heard of the attempted robbery at Chief Keef’s home last night and responded to the news by trolling on Instagram.

Tekashi’s wild antics have definitely helped his brand and with him well on the way towards going 10/10 on the Billboard charts, he chose to poke fun at Keef’s troubles. Reposting one of the reports, 6ix9ine completely ignored the topic at hand, asking instead if anybody knew of any good movies on Netflix. Clearly, he’s disinterested. The rainbow-haired one even used 50 Cent’s famous catchphrase to close out his post, hashtagging “Get The Strap” as he presumably signed into his movie streaming account. 

We reported this morning that Chief Keef’s home was broken into last night and although gunfire was heard, nobody has been reported to be injured. Two men are currently facing weapons and burglary charges while a third got away.

6ix9ine & Chief Keef

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Tekashi 6ix9ine Trolls Chief Keef After His House Was Burglarized">