Lil Uzi Vert has been embracing some weird vibes lately, telling his fans they’re all going to hell with him in concert and using cult imagery in his cover art. When a new project started popping up on streaming services using Uzi’s real name, Symere Woods, people started to assume that the Philadelphia artist found yet another way to swerve everybody, creating a new standard for surprise drops. Eternal Atake has been rumored for some time and although not much information about it exists, people believed What Is This? may have actually been the hotly-anticipated project. According to Hypebeast, Uzi’s team is denying that this is an official release, stating that it’s merely a selection of snippets that have already been out in the open.

The album appeared on Spotify on September 20 and many started speculating that this was Uzi’s plan all along. After all, the man is pretty unpredictable and this could very well have been his release strategy. The collection includes tracks like “run+it+up,” which was used in AWGE DVD Vol. 3, and an intro titled “VERT.” A representative for the artist has since told Hypebeast that the project is fake and was not released by the elusive rapper.

It appears as though we’ll need to wait just a little longer for the actual release of Eternal Atake. There’s a possibility that some of the snippets will make an appearance but it’s more likely for “New Patek” and the song he recently previewed on Instagram to be the real shining stars. If you’re curious, What Is This? can be found on major streaming services.