Avengers 4 may be the most highly anticipated film of 2019. Fans don’t even have an official name for the film yet, although it’s only six months away. The trailer for the film is allegedly being edited for immediate public release, and an alleged full synopsis of the trailer found its way online earlier this week. While all the leaks should be taken with a grain of salt, the fact that the trailer synopsis was scrubbed from the internet within hours hints that Marvel may have intervened. That only adds to speculation that the leaks are real. 

A new Avengers 4 set photo was shared on Instagram by geekpowerbackup, and it shows a massive thruster. While the enormous item could be anything, fans began to speculate that it is Iron-Man’s fabled Proton Cannon. The Proton Cannon is most memorable in the Marvel VS Capcom game series. Both Iron-Man and War Machine have used the cannon in the video game series. The weapon first appeared in Capcom’s Marvel Super Heroes in 1995, and has been a nuisance to those playing against Iron-Man ever since. With leaked images showing War Machine, Thor, Hulk, Rocket Raccoon, and Hawkeye in new suits, one would assume Tony Stark added some upgrades as well.