Since signing with Def Jam, Maxo, not to be confused with Maxo Kream out of Houston, has released a series of standalone singles, the latest of which was given its rightful passage as a full-fledged music video. Before we get into unpacking the ever-nostalgic “In My Penny’s,” why not spend a moment bringing ourselves up to speed on the artist at hand.

The Los Angeles rapper made a name for himself after associating himself with bedroom producers like Swarvy, who interestingly enough fled to City of Angels a short while ago, to make his “Bandcamp” aspirations a reality.

Together, they managed to buoy the momentum Maxo garnered off his SMILE EP in 2018, produced entirely by LastNameDavid, who gave the record a distinct “atmospheric perspective” in sound – as did Swarby for Maxo’s latest jumpoff “In My Penny’s,” a song garnering him a stylish new video, to go with his participation medal.

Quotable Lyrics:

Ayy, I’ma change this world, let me spark my weed
I’m a blessing to the dirt, let me drop my seed
‘Member smoking on my lonely, tryna live too fast
I got homies in the pen that regret they past
Back when you copped your first hammer with the tape on the grip.