Mike Dean is one of the most influential producers and engineers in the entire world. It’s not often that a mixing or mastering engineer’s work is in the spotlight as much as an artist but that’s definitely the case with Mike Dean. Many know him as Kanye West’s go-to guy but he’s also worked closely with Travis Scott over the years, crafting the sounds for each of his albums along the way. You name it, he’s worked on it. Rodeo, check. Birds, check. Astroworld, check. Mike is an integral part of Travis’ career and he’s treated as such. In fact, he’s even got all of the platinum and gold plaques to show for it, making up for all the blood, sweat, tears, and long nights spent in the studio.

The producer pulled up to Instagram this week to flaunt all of the plaques he’s received for his hard work on Travis’ albums. He ran through them all, presenting the Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight frame and enjoying the visual success of Rodeo. After being bombarded with “DROP ASTRO” messages on his page for months, the engineer can finally rest… until the next La Flame project is announced.

Mike Dean and Travis Scott are basically a walking hit. We’re bound to hear more work from the two as Travis continues to evolve as an artist.


Mike Dean & Travis Scott

Mike Dean Shows Off All The Plaques He's Gotten Thanks To Travis Scott