With Drake’s Scorpion set to drop this Friday, fan excitement is once again beginning to crescendo. Admittedly, the good-old-fashioned ass-whoopin’ administered by Pusha T somewhat hindered expectations, but Drake’s superstar status is simply too strong. Now, the hype-train has once again proceeded to roll, with several billboards popping up in the greater Toronto area; the inclusion of “Side A/Side B” messages left many speculating whether Drizzy was about to unleash a double album upon us. Now, it would appear that the theory has indeed been confirmed, by none other than Mal of the Joe Budden Podcast.

For those who don’t know, Mal has been a fixture on Budden’s show for a minute. The brother of Roc-a-fella’s Kareem “Biggs” Burke, Mal has cultivated a mass of industry connections, including some to the OVO camp; the connection has prompted both Joe and Rory to dub him “OVO Mal” on occasion. Now, on today’s episode, it would appear that OVO Mal was out in full effect, as the host seemed to confirm what many suspected. Scorpion is indeed a double album, highlighting the dual nature of Drake’s personality. 

“It’s a double album,” confirms Mal, straightforward as ever. “RnB album and a rap album.” There you have it. Scorpion talk kicks off around one hour and fourteen minutes. 


Mal Of The Joe Budden Podcast Confirms Drake's "Scorpion" Is A Double Album