At the beginning of his career, Lil Xan had so much potential after dropping “Betrayed.” While we’re not saying that he won’t ever live up to the hype that was given to him after that single, much of it was washed down the drain when he made those comments about Tupac. After Mac Miller’s passing, Xan was so shook that he announced he was retiring from the game as a direct result. Fans were divided about the news as a chunk of people were ecstatic about his departure, while his diehard audience was obviously upset. It turns out the entire incident was just a pump-fake and Diego hit everybody with the “SIKE!” yesterday on Instagram.

The young artist is obviously used to the large amounts of hate he receives at this point and while it admittedly gets under his skin, hopefully he can use it as fuel to supercharge his next project. Xan reposted a tweet about his surprising retirement, noting that he was just joking. “Jokes on you I’m still making music,” wrote Xan. He continued, “Mac was my friend and I miss him dearly and all you care about is wanting more rappers to die,Smh the world is so evil but ima prosper.” 

This whole situation is bound to leave a bad taste in people’s mouths. He is planning to release some new material, teasing two new songs on the way. Are you upset or pleased about his announcement?