As per TMZ, Blueface was booked on a felony charge of possessing a loaded firearm. Apparently, he wasn’t the member of his entourage with a hammer, but the others reportedly tossed their weapons in the bushes and fled – leaving Blueface to contend with LAPD all on his lonesome. He was later released on $35,000 bail.

As Washington, DC’s WKYS is reporting, LA rapper Blueface has been arrested following a botched robbery at a gas station. While details of the incident are foggy at the present time, Blueface seems to have gained the presumptive support of Twitter users Worldwide. Case in point: the hashtag deliverable #FreeBlueface is quickly on the rise, for the second time in three months.


Back in November of 2018, Blueface was booked in connection with a highway shooting. Similarly enough, Blueface was apprehended at a gas station in that instance as well. Twitter has provided us (by us) an array of angles from which to view the arrest, all of which gave us a clear indication of Blueface’s nonchalance on the matter. The officer, pushing Blueface forward in a straight line, tells him, “You are under arrest,” to which Blueface matter-of-factly responded, “Yeah Aight.”

As he’s carted off by the officer (flanked by backup), bystanders can be heard asking one, “what did he do?” DJ Akademiks is among the media persons getting in on the hoopla – with the grainy footage posted to his Instagram, most likely a gravitational point for the discussion that is sure to unfold in the coming hours. Where do you stand on the #FreeBlueface movement?