Watch Clips From Kanye West’s “Sunday Service” Choir Sessions

Kanye brings new meaning to church with jam session.

BYMilca P.
Watch Clips From Kanye West’s “Sunday Service” Choir Sessions

The gospel influence found on some of Kanye West's most popular songs is no hidden element, and on Sunday (January 6th), he decided to take that influence and channel it into a full-fledged "Sunday Service," as Kim Kardashian refers to it in which a large choir performs a host of Kanye West songs that find their roots in the church.

All day Sunday, Kardashian, among other attendees, was uploading clips of the gathering as the choir delivered on textured takes on tracks that include "Heard 'Em Say," "Father Stretch My Hands,"  and "Ghost Town." Among those in attendance were singer Tony Williams and G.O.O.D. Music A&R Ricky Anderson.


According to Kim Kardashian the "Sunday Service" is simply a session filled with music and nothing else, and she asserts that it will become a new routine.

"Just hearing music as our Sunday Service was super inspiring," she penned in a tweet. "See you next Sunday."

Naturally, if this is to be a weekly gathering, the exclusive reworking of Kanye tracks won't be too much of a sustainable option. It'll be a nice twist to see who else will be joining Mr. West and Co. during these Sunday Service sessions and it wouldn't be too much of a surprise if the likes of Chance The Rapper or even gospel forerunner Kirk Franklin popped in some time in the future.



Watch Clips From Kanye West's "Sunday Service" Choir Sessions
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