Another victim of R. Kelly’s assault has come forward with details on the two-years spent with the singer. Asante McGee recently chatted with Teen Vogue about the time she met R. Kelly in 2013 and how he invited her to hang out a few months later for hours of “groupie sex. ”Before describing her two torturous years, she described how R. Kelly has “two parts of him.” 

“There’s R.Kelly and there’s Robert,” she said. “Going in, I saw R.Kelly,” she said. Their meet-up turned into her travelling the world with Kelly and him inviting other women into their home and sexual activities, without her permission. Her home with Kelly turned into a home for all his women where they had to get permission for the smallest of things. 

“I took him very seriously. When he’s joking you know he’s joking. He wasn’t playing. When he said ‘every time a king enters the room, you stand up’ — you stand up,” Asante said. “I don’t care if he goes back and forth ten times, you better stand up and kiss him each time he comes in and out that room.”

She added: “If we wanted to go in the hallway, we knock on the wall and wait for permission. If I wanted to go to the kitchen, I gotta knock on the wall and wait for permission or wait for someone to say come in. This one time, I knocked before going into a room and nobody answered so I thought nobody was home and walked in and [Kelly] was in a corner with [a woman],” she continued. “From then on, if I wanted to leave my room, I had to text him for permission. Every day he made up a new rule.”

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