As if gifting your wife with a brand new Lambo truck wasn’t enough, reports are saying Offset also treated Cardi B to some new drip as well. According to TMZ, the Migos rapper dropped over six figures on new diamonds & jewelry for his wife, Cardi B. He reportedly gifted her with a new necklace, charm bracelet, and a set of earrings all with their daughter’s name, Kulture, attached to it. In total, the 3-piece jewelry collection contains 100 carats in diamonds.

Offset flew out the jewelers to personally hand over the drip to Cardi, which she of course flaunted on social media this weekend. Offset got the bling from Pristine Jewelers’ owners Avi and Ofir and put the order in over two months ago to have it ready for Cardi’s 26th birthday. Cardi was seen wearing some of the new bling Saturday night when she performed at Drake’s concert.

While all these lavish gifts & diamonds are nice and I’m sure appreciated, the one thing Cardi did say she wanted from Offset for her birthday was sex, but who knows if her request for that was fulfilled. I’d hope so anyways.

Check out the pics & clip of Cardi’s new bling (below).


Offset Reportedly Drops Over Six Figures On Jewelry For Cardi B’s Birthday