BlocBoy JB has been fairly active this year so far. He appears to be getting ready to drop his next project and before that, he’s unleashing a few new singles. For a minute, BlocBoy got lost in the shuffle but now, he’s bringing back his Memphis twang and releasing some quality material. Last week, we received the new video for “Clap Out,” which was received well by his fans. Now, he’s back with another effort in “No Adlibs.”

The Southern rapper has been working hard on his craft and you can tell in what he’s been putting out. “No Adlibs” is more laid-back than the last track but he still brings the charisma that he’s known and loved for. Those who liked the last one are bound to be feeling this one too. What are your thoughts?

Quotable Lyrics:

I’m feeling like Biggie when he copped that coupe
Or maybe Snoop Dogg when he sipped his first gin and juice
Thinking ’bout robbing, got that Glock so I grin a tooth