Slim Jxmmi Furious With Media Coverage Of Bloody Brawl In New Zealand

Slim Jxmmi speaks in the aftermath of the bloody brawl in New Zealand.

BYDevin Ch
Slim Jxmmi Furious With Media Coverage Of Bloody Brawl In New Zealand

The incident that rocked the small nation of New Zealand is a dubious one in the eyes of Slim Jxmmi. We reported that Slim Jxmmi and his Rae Sremmurd entourage got caught of a violent altercation in Auckland's Central Business District. Within hours of the story hitting the news cycle, video accompaniment surfaced elucidating the fight, but not the breaking point itself.

By no means is Slim Jxmmi insistent that he isn't guilty of something in the encounter. His beef is with the media and their supposed fixation with negative headlines. Jxmmi is entitled to ill feelings regarding the general media coverage of the incident, but in all fairness, the media spotlight is equal parts scornful and beneficial.

Without passing judgment onto the incident itself, it was reported that Jxmmi and his cronies were perhaps guilty of ridiculing a homeless person as passersby, even though it's entirely possible their "bad faith" was itself a reaction to an earlier provocation. A few aspects are hard to dismiss; Slim Jxmmi deploys a menacing "ground and pound" when the fight falls to asphalt, with his bodyguard throwing in couple haymakers of his own, to even out the odds. Finally, at least one person involved in the brawl was taken to a nearby hospital for the treatment of one or more serious injuries.

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