Throughout Machine Gun Kelly’s beef with Eminem, G-Eazy has been a central topic for both rappers. He was brought up again in the most recent diss track by Eminem as he tells MGK that he’s just salty because “young Gerald’s balls-deep inside of Halsey.” Kellz bragged about how he’s also been with Halsey and if Em has the inside scoop, he’s apparently pissed that she ran back to G-Eazy after their fling. Everybody is reacting to Em’s response with Iggy Azalea calling it “lazy” and others chiming in too. G-Eazy didn’t have many words to say but he seemed to communicate his message clear when he posted a throwback photo with Eminem on Instagram.

The shot was taken backstage at an event this year with both parties flipping the bird for the camera. The timing of the post is hardly coincidental as Eminem brought up his relationship with Halsey on “KILLSHOT.” MGK and Eazy have history and, somehow, Gerald has been completely wrapped up in the middle of this beef. The Bay Area artist got a little petty in the caption, quoting Kellz’ “Rap Devil” lyrics directly and saying, “Let’s talk about it.”

If you haven’t heard “KILLSHOT” yet, check it out here.

G-Eazy & Eminem

G-Eazy Posts Throwback Pic With Eminem Amidst MGK Drama: "Let's Talk About It"