From the neckline down, Kanye West was acquitting himself quite well. His wife Kim wore a stunning neon Versace gown not too far removed from the pale shade of green he chose for his suit. The only problem with his outfit wasn’t that Kim had him upstaged but that he chose to wear Yeezy slides to a formal event, that being 2 Chainz’ nuptial.

Incidentally, the Internet had a field day with his questionable choice of footwear, many referring to the slides as bonafide “Baby Pool Shoes.” To make matters worse, Kanye broke the cursed “socks with sandles” rule, and you could argue that his suit needed a good steam and press before leaving the house. Here are some the Internet’s best reactions to his fashion faux-pas.

This Twitter agent compared Kanye’s look to a “jamaican asylum refugee” whatever that means? I gather the rich people problems hashtag is being used here to generate attention residually gained from the buzz surrounding the Rich Crazy Asians blockbuster.

Bunched together with Weezy’s “homeless” dreadlocks, this user couldn’t help but visualize two homeless waiting in line at the soup kitchen.

This user said what was clearly on our minds. Those slides look a lot like the house shoes you get in Manhattan that are virtually always on sale. Yep, they are first choice when it comes to: taking out the recycling, watering the plants, checking the mailbox, and in extreme situations, walking to the Bodega in your bathrobe.

Man right here says if you show up rocking slides at his reception, he might turned into Uncle Phil and 86 your a**.

“First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the…”

You knew someone would bring the slavery hiccup into the equation. Otherwise I was surprised by the number of social affection praising his fashion sense, some going as far as to describe his slides-suit combination as “effortlessly immaculate.” Hmmmmm ok.