Don Q wasn’t just galivanting with his presumption of an “ugly affair,” when he teased us with the existence of an all-intensive Tory Lanez diss record – cover art and all. In the end, it only took Q a mere 5 hours to follow-up on his presumption. “I’m Not Joyner” showcases Don Q at his very best, tackling all of Tory Lanez’s presumed “irksome” traits, at least in his own mind.

For starters, Don Q gets right into his accusations of song theft right from the onset. “This is when it gets spicy, you went to Funk Flex
and started spittin’ just like me, speak up if I’m lyin’,” he raps, in an apparent allusion to the “uncanny similarity” of their respective Hot 97 cyphers. Beyond that, Don Q claims that Tory Lanez co-opted much of his style from the early Drake-era. You’d have to think, Tory Lanez is probably hard at work digging up dirt, right as we speak.

Quotable Lyrics:

Oh Tory rich? I’ll line the kid up like Tori Brixx
I ain’t none of these backpack rap cats you been goin’ against
Put money I’ll back smack and start snatchin’ all Tory’s shit
I ain’t Joyner Lucas, never went to college I’m a corner student.