Tory Lanez' boastful claims weren't exactly received with open arms by the greater hip-hop community, but the Canadian rapper expected as much. One of the more vocal detractors to Tory's perceived hotheadedness has been NY rapper Don Q. The Highbridge put it all on the line via Twitter, insisting that Tory Lanez ought to reconsider scuttle butting before things "GET UGLY." 

The following way day, Don Q jumped on Twitter with anecdotal evidence that Tory Lanez had stolen lyrics from him - taken from a past freestyle session on Hot 97. Q's video portrays both artists back-to-back. The evidence speaks for itself on so many levels, even though Tory Lanez' alleged plagiarism is at the very worst, a case of incidental damage. But that's of no concern to the "victim" party that resonates within Don Q.

Don Q's next bold move was to upload an image of himself dressed in Soulja Boy's favorite Gucci outfit. The inferences are pretty evident; Don Q dressed as Soulja Boy, swings Tory Lanez' severed head with a pully rope. In the top right corner appears a prospective title: "I'm Not Joyner." As insulting as it may seem, the use of Joyner Lucas' name as collateral, only strengthens Don Q's cause. Tory Lanez has yet to respond - could there be a diss record, or this all just one big joke, a funny one at that?