When information about James Blake’s upcoming album Assume Form was supposedly leaked online, some of it seemed too good to be true. It was set to arrive at the end of January 2019 with features from Travis Scott, Metro Boomin, Modes Sumney, and others. The appearance of a certain André 3000 had people seriously hoping that the gossip was true. Finally, Blake revealed that the tracklist that had surfaced was indeed correct, moving the release date up one week so that fans could get a head start on their listening sessions. Assume Form will be dropping at midnight tonight but it’s already been released in select international markets, giving us the opportunity to stream or preview some of the tracks we can expect. Of course, people were quick to jump on the collab with Three Stacks. 


James Blake may not be a hip-hop artist per se but he loves to work with some of the most iconic names in the genre. That can be displayed clearly on his newest album. “Where’s The Catch?” has James and André exploring a pessimistic theme about things that are just too good to believe. Until today, we could have included a mix between 3K and James Blake to that list but thankfully, we’ve been graced with their joint work.

What are your thoughts on the new collab?

Quotable Lyrics:

All my pets are mystic 
Keeps me in a cage 
Aww my head is twisted 
Keeps me spinning round for days 
Exorcism pessimism has arisen
There’s no reason really 
Treason to myself so silly 
So perfect so perfect 
So why do I look for curtains 
Uncertain but certainly false alarms alertin’