Terry Crews is not just dealing with any regular lawsuit, he’s dealing with one where a former friend and employee of his is coming after him. According to Variety, The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star is being sued by Darwin Hall for more than $1 million, adding how he was defamed in a number of tweets that led to personal threats. “Plaintiff Hall was terrified and feared for his safety as well as that of his family,” documents read.

Apparently, Darwin started working for Terry in 1999 when Terry was really getting his career going. Later into Terry’s career, Darwin handled all his social media pages and websites. He was paid $28,479.06 and alleges that he’s still owed for 6,000 hours of work at $55 an hour. In 2015, Darwin says he went to help a friend with a dating app and Terry “flew into a rage” and demanded he dropped the contract. Darwin asked for money to compensate for lost wages and says that Terry agreed. 

But according to past tweets by Terry, it wasn’t exactly a “dating site.”

“I grew up around all different kinds of hustles, the drug hustle, pimp hustle, Ponzi scheme hustle, gambling hustle, family hustle, even the church hustle. I am now being exposed to the “friend” hustle,” Terry tweeted. “When I found out he was building porn sites, I told him I couldn’t work with him anymore, I saw how it all would backfire on me. He agreed to no longer build them… Then promptly asked ME to pay him to replace all the money the porn sites would have given him. I refused.”

Darwin claims that these tweets are false and defamatory. The case is still ongoing.