Nicki Minaj’s “Queen Radio” is currently live and all the drama we were expecting to happen is materializing. In between plays of “Barbie Dreams” and “Good Form,” she’s been speaking with Funk Flex about her reaction to the Cardi B fight at a NYFW event. While we wait to find out who will be Nicki’s “Cocksucka of the day” this week, the star has been discussing exactly what happened when a shoe was thrown at her. Speaking about how important the event was to her, Nick said she was “mortified” at how people were reacting to their scuffle. She didn’t stop there though as she claimed that Cardi’s career has been built off “sympathy and payola.” Yikes.

If that’s not enough drama for the day, the Queen rapper spilled some more tea by calling someone who was involved in a beef with Cardi pre-Love & Hip Hop. Nicki had the woman on speaker phone to go at Cardi even further for all her fans to hear. The woman alleges that she wrote something about her dead baby on her social media bio and after a fight with Cardi, she had called her deceased child “a monkey” and accused the woman of being a drug addict. Considering this beef is focusing on Nicki’s alleged comments about baby Kulture (which she denies ever saying,) this is not good news for Cardi if true.

Nicki also claimed that her rival refers to black women as “monkeys and roaches” in case you needed any more evidence that we’re witnessing a full-blown fight. This is getting heated, folks. Listen to the rest of the episode here