A$AP Bari recently got cleared of facing any charges from an alleged sexual assault that took place in November 2017. Jane Doe reportedly decided to not move forward with her allegations against the fashion designer, after she claimed that Bari barged into her hotel room and yelled, “You fucked my assistant, now you are going to fuck me.” The incident was filmed, and Bari allegedly threw her out in the hotel hallway naked. 

New reports from TMZ now say that Bari is suing Jane Doe, claiming she lied to make him pay up. Apparently, Jane only claimed she was sexually assaulted after she got a lawyer. When police arrived at the hotel on the night of the incident they asked her if she was sexually assaulted and she said no. Jane’s only concern was having the video deleted, and once she saw it was scrubbed from Bari’s phone she was good. 

“Seeing the video being deleted was like having a weight lifted,” she told the cops. 

A video of the incident did hit the internet and Bari says it was someone else who filmed the event. He’s suing for defamation and civil extortion for allegedly pressuring him into settling. Jane was initially suing Bari for $1 million.