A$AP Bari is reportedly clear of rape charges from an incident that occurred last year. According to TMZ, Bari won't be facing any charges from an alleged sexual assault that took place in November 2017. The alleged victim reportedly decided not to move forward with pressing charges against the fashion designer.

At this point, the details are scarce. It's unclear which incident this is in reference to. Last November, Bari was sued by a Jane Doe for sexual assault. She said that the incident occurred on July 9th, 2017. She alleged that the fashion designed abruptly came into a hotel room while she was asleep and yelled, "You fucked my assistant, now you are going to fuck me."

She said that she continued to scream no but Bari pulled the sheets off of her while she was still in bed. The incident was filmed and circulated on the internet, although it was removed from most publications. She also said that she ran to the bathroom out of fear of being assaulted and Bari yelled, "I'm going to fuck you, you are going to suck my dick." He allegedly threw her into the hallway afterward without clothes.

In May, he was arrested at a London airport and charged with sexual assault by authorities for the same incident.