First, we had There’s Really A Wolf. Now, Russ is looking to take us to the Zoo. Clearly, the man has love for the animal kingdom. Hopefully, it means he’s about to enter beast mode like never before. Despite the fact that many internet users have taken to doling out L’s to Russ without mercy nor motive (despite previous foot-in-mouth moments, he’s been relatively low-key of late), the New Jersey rapper continues to flourish in spite of his haters. Now, Russ has come through with a major announcement for the fans.

Taking to Twitter and Instagram, Russ has announced his upcoming album Zoo, set to drop on September 7th. The admittedly awesome album cover (painted by Kid Super) depicts several caged predators, including hyenas, a gorilla, lions, leopards, wolves, and for some reason, a zebra that is no doubt internally screaming “FUCK THIS SHIT.”

Peep the visuals below, and sound off. Have ya’ll welcomed Russ back into your hearts? In case you missed it, he revealed a few “A-Game” rhymes during a recent stop on Funk Flex. Hopefully, he can bring some of that fire to Zoo.