Chris Brown revealed his more comedic side to his Instagram followers by posting a hilarious video of Florida rapper, Kodak Black. The video which appears to have been taken in Kodak’s home depicts the rapper having a heart to heart with viewers of his Instagram live. Clad in purple sweatpants and decked out in some serious ice, Kodak starts by saying, “I’m just holding these shits, I ain’t got no money man.” 

Throughout the rest of the video, Kodak goes on to detail encounters he’s had with women in the past who have asked the rapper for money, taking the time to dispell any misconceptions that he is nearly as financially endowed as he appears to be. “These hoes be asking me for money,  they be like, ‘let me get some money baby.’ I say man, ‘I ain’t got no money!'” He went on to reveal, “That money you be seein’ me with on Instagrams, that be fake money man, that be prop money.” In case anyone had reason to doubt to him, Kodak reiterated ” This is not my money bruh, I do not have money.” 

The rollicking video has been viewed 1,104,410 times and has garnered hundreds of comments with fans comparing Kodak to the Gucci Mane of 2007. 

Catch the clip below.