Lil Wayne & Young Money Try To Trademark “New Dirty Bastard”: Report

Lil Wayne may be looking to take up the “Dirty Bastard” mantle.

BYMatthew Parizot
Lil Wayne & Young Money Try To Trademark “New Dirty Bastard”: Report

The influence of Wu-Tang Clan's wildest member, Ol' Dirty Bastard, still lives on to this day. Any rapper that try and push the goofiness of their flows can trace some of their influences back to ODB. Recently liberated rapper Lil Wayne is obviously a fan, as he's reportedly trying to trademark an updated version of the name for himself. 

According to The Blast, Young Money Entertainment has filed documents requesting to trademark the name "New Dirty Bastard," for use in music production and other entertainment ventures. While it isn't clear what the label plans to use the name for, the similarities to the original ODB are strikingly obvious.

ODB passed away from an accidental drug overdose in 2004, so it's not like there's a whole lot of new music from him that could cause confusion, and ODB's family appear to be open to the idea, on certain conditions. 

ODB's eldest daughter, Taniqua Jones, as well as the estate's attorney, told The Blast that they were unaware that Young Money had even filed for the trademark. Nevertheless, they said that they were willing to speak to the label on an "artistic level" before allowing them permission to move forward. While they intent to protect the rights of ODB's name, they say they're willing to work with Young Money on whatever it is that they're doing. 

Even if the trademark goes through, there would still be another "Dirty Bastard" rapper in the game, as ODB's son raps under the moniker, "Young Dirty Bastard."

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