Youtube finally releases its original documentary entitled “GFUNK: The Sound That Changed Hip Hop Forever,” after weeks of teasers. Although Dr. Dre is arguably the father of G-Funk, or at the very least its most popular proponent, 213 blessed the game with a unique take on the West Coast sound. A documentary has finally been made in tribute of the crew, comprised of Snoop Dogg, Warren G, and Nate Dogg. The preview of the film directed by 22-year old Karam Gill is available for viewing after the jump.

The production focuses on the trio’s impact on Hip Hop, with testimonies by those involved in the influential era, including Snoop, Warren G, the late Nate Dogg and The D.O.C. Some of the movie’s soundtrack was co-written, produced and composed by Warren G who spoke about his intentions in a press release:“I really wanted people to experience the world of West Coast Hip Hop seen through my eyes, and also how it helped inspire and evolve the current music of today.” The producer continued, “We all knew we were creating something dope but didn’t realize it would have such a lasting effect on music indefinitely.” His tunes had previously debuted at SXSW in 2017.


The documentary is available to Youtube Premium subscribers.