If you’re an ardent weed smoker, perhaps you’ve gone the extra mile in celebrating today’s 420 by taking off work, or perhaps, you are such a stoner, that you don’t even have work (but in that case, you should listen to OutKast’s “Git Up, Git Out” below, and also, no need to fill that stereotype stoner role). Maybe you’re the type of person that can smoke and function– maybe, you need to smoke TO function– and thus today’s celebrations won’t affect your workflow or daily hustle. Whatever the case, there is only one acceptable way to start the day that is April 20th: wake and bake. I tend to like it with a side of bacon, too. There is really nothing quite like waking, baking and bacon. 

We first shared a 420 Wake & Bake playlist last year, and for those who have been following it on Spotify, you should be pleased to see our newly-updated, curated tracklist for it, which includes a series of new stoner-approved records as well as some mainstays. We’re going to be keeping this playlist going with more frequent updates for any ol’ wake and bake day, so be sure to follow it if you’re not already. Yesterday we shared a bunch of different Spotify playlists for any and all moods, so if this one doesn’t fit the bill for you today, check those out here.

If you’re in need of some viewing materials for today, we have the perfect series for you too: How to Roll. Watch yesterday’s episode below.

Now, we leave you with our playlist and two questions: what’s your favourite strain, and what’s your favourite song to smoke to?


The Perfect 420 Wake & Bake Playlist