After the future of MTV‘s The Real World was potentially in jeopardy after a hiatus following the show’s 32nd season, it seems as though MTV has figured out what they’re going to do with the long-running reality series.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, MTV plans to revive the series, but instead try to push the show onto a popular streaming platform, such as Netflix, rather than trying to air the show on TV.

The series, which focuses on the dramatic lives of eight young adults who decide to move in together in a brand new city, isn’t the only show of MTV‘s that’s been given a reboot recently. Both My Super Sweet 16 and Jersey Shore have both made their comebacks on the network recently, which much success.

It appears that MTV is less confident in The Real World‘s ability to perform on television, and is instead hoping that pushing the show to a streaming platform will better connect it with the youthful demographic the show targets. Other past reality shows, such as Queer Eye, have done similar reboots to great success. Foreign spin-offs of The Real World formula, like the Japanese show Terrace House, have also found new life on Netflix.

The Real World first premiered back in 1992, and ran 32 seasons all the way up until January of 2017, with their season: Real World Seattle: Bad Blood. Now if we can only get an MTV Cribs! reboot then we’ll be in business.