Apparently Wendy’s Is Dropping A Mixtape, Complete With A Biggie Reference

What’s Beef?

BYKarlton Jahmal
Apparently Wendy’s Is Dropping A Mixtape, Complete With A Biggie Reference

When Dave Thomas opened the first Wendy's in 1969, what kind of music do you think he was listening to? Thomas remained head of the international fast food chain until has passed away in 2002. That means he witnessed the birth of hip-hop, and was even around to watch the domination of Biggie Smalls. It is also possible that Biggie Smalls ate a Wendy's burger or two during his time on this Earth. Whether or not the restaurant and Biggie crossed paths in the past is up for speculation. Wendy's latest tweet does draw heavy influence from the rapper's classic Ready to Die album though.

On Wednesday (March 21), Wendys took to Twitter to post a promotion for a mixtape the company seems to be dropping tomorrow. The tweet features a picture of a single square burger patty placed on a white background. The words "Webeefin?" are sprawled across the bottom in the same stylization and font from Ready to Die's cover. The first word is in a black bold text, the second is regular, and the "in" is painted with red ink. The caption for the tweet reads "Fresh, never frozen beats. 3.23.18"

One producer tweeted the restaurant in an attempt to get his beats on the project. "Yo lemme send some beats for the tape fam 🔥🤙🏼," tweeted @beatsbyaustxn. "It comes out Friday, it's already done. Sorry," replied Wendys. "Dropping it on iTunes tho?," asks the same Twitter user. "Yes," responds Wendys. 

Hamburger Helper infamously dropped a mixtape two years ago. 

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