There is no doubt about Kodak Black’s familiarity with the fast life. The rapper has clearly switched gears since stepping out of jail last month. In a clip uploaded to his Instagram, the star opens up about his new state of mind and reveals some of his thoughts on celibacy.

Although the rap star is currently dating, he isn’t rushing things in terms of sexual intimacy. 

“I’m still going on the celibacy route and sh*t, but I went on a date tonight. It was awesome.”

His new pace extends past his romantic life.

“You know, I’m taking my time with stuff. I’m trying to be more serene, cause you know, the world don’t favor the vultures”

The new mindset won’t stop him from living it up. He’s still “on a champagne diet” and is “still drippin,” but he will do so on his own terms.

“I could never be cloned, I could never be bought, I could never be sold”

Black has indeed turned down major stacks to perform old material in favor of concentrating on his new projects. He is also on the road to higher education, setting his sights on attending university after having obtained his high school diploma.