Imprisonment is objectively a challenging time for anyone. Some people get out and stay out, while others aren't so lucky. In the case of Kodak Black, bets might just be on his achieving the former. Ever since he was released from prison with that new hairdo, the homie seems to have changed. And recently, the next venture the rapper is entertaining involves the college experience.

One of Kodak's latest tweets asks his fans: "What college should I go to?"

Although the idea of attending college is generally decreasing in popularity, his following did not hesitate to give him suggestions. Many pointed to the entertainer's own home state of Florida. Others responded with humor.

People probably aren't worried about having another brother drown in debt from pursuing a college education. Kodak has proved to have a completely different set of values than he did prior to going to prison. He recently ditched 100K worth of performance opportunities to focus on the production of new music. His focus on building the new Kodak Black is undeniable.

The Florida native surprised many people when he studied for, passed his GED and officially earned his High School Diploma. We are rooting for him when it comes to this next academic challenge.