Jaden Smith Gets A Shout Out From His Idol, Al Gore

Al Gore shows Jaden some love.

BYMatthew Parizot
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Jaden Smith can seemingly do anything. Not only is he the newest member of the hip-hop boy band BROCKHAMPTON, but he's also the co-creator of JUST Water, a company he started alongside his dad, Will Smith, that manufactures low-emissions and degradable water bottles made of primarily recyclable materials. It was previously reported that he and Will would be donating bottled water to Flint, Michigan until their water crisis has finally been resolved. 

In a recent interview with Elle, Jaden spoke about his fear about the effects of climate change in a very Jaden Smith type of way, saying, "We’re gonna have 50 million climate refugees by 2050. We’re not going to be able to solve those problems if you don’t believe you’re an icon living right now." However, he also mentioned that his biggest inspiration is none other than former Vice President and climate activist, Al Gore.

It seems that Gore also took some inspiration from Jaden, as he went on Twitter yesterday to thank Jaden for his work in trying to help the environment. He wrote, "Thank you @officialjaden! You and other leaders in your generation ​give me hope that we will solve the climate crisis."

That's a pretty big deal to get a message like that from your hero. Will was excited too, congratulating his son on Instagram by writing, "Congrats, Jaden! That’s a BIG Co-Sign. You make us Proud Everyday! Keep up the hard work @JUST Water."

Hopefully this means that we'll be seeing an Al Gore feature on Jaden's next album.


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