As Eminem once said, "a lot of truth is said in jest." As the progeny of iconic jack-of-all-trades Will Smith, Jaden has comedic blood entrenched within his lineage. Therefore, it's hard not to see his self-appointed position as Brockhampton's newest member as anything other than a joke. Yet let's be honest, the young SYRE clearly wants into the game's most buzzing boy band. After all, he's been an affiliate for a minute, and his malleable artistic nature is in keeping with their multimedia mentality. In many ways, the pairing seems like a suitable match. 

Unofficial group leader Kevin Abstract recently threw up a screencap of an iMessage discourse between himself and Jaden. In the midst of plotting a hangout session, Jaden jump-started his initiation into the group by straight-up announcing his newfound role. "I decided I'm apart of Brockhampton now tell the homies I miss them," wrote Jaden. One must admire his forthright nature; how can Kevin truly say no? While the exchange is no doubt a jovial one between friends, it stands to reason that Jaden wouldn't say no to an official offer. As previously stated, it can't help but feel like Jaden is testing the waters. 

While Kevin's followup response remained mysterious, the mere fact that he posted it on Twitter feels like a bit of a litmus test. As of now, fans are split down the middle. Would ya'll receive Jaden Smith with open arms and accept him as Brockhampton's latest addition? Musically, it wouldn't be that much of a reach.