Earlier this month, Chris Brown had commenters up in arms over one of his Instagram posts revolving around a conspiracy theory that the Earth is flat. While no caption was added to that post, the simple inclusion of the message on his social media pages alluded to his approval of the theory behind it. After spending a day as Lil Dicky in a new music video, Breezy is back to his ways, sharing more confusing posts that look to point to his “extra wokeness” in terms of the world. CB reposted a video of B.o.B.’s 2016 track “Bend Over,” in which the rapper details several conspiracy theories in his second verse.

B.o.B. has previously expressed that he believes the Earth is flat and he has many other alternative methods of thinking about the planet as evidenced in his “Bend Over” lyrics. Bobby Ray rapped, “You want to be a star, sell out concert tickets?/ A mansion and a Hollywood subdivision?/ You get the fame under one condition/ You get copied at the cloning center.” B.o.B. continues by outlining how celebrities are killed commonly via drug overdoses, heart attacks or an aneurysm before urging people to do their research on the topic.

For Chris Brown to report the song to his page is a bold move and, although it is unclear if he agrees with the statements or not, this is not the first time the singer has shared conspiracy theories with his audience. Do you agree with B.o.B. and Chris Brown?


Chris Brown & B.o.B.

Chris Brown Co-Signs B.o.B.'s Conspiracy Theories