Azealia Banks Claims She's The Most Significant Female Rapper Since Nicki Minaj

Azealia also says she's the reason Rihanna named her album "Anti."

BYAlex Zidel
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There is no doubt that Azealia Banks is a confident woman. Consistently speaking her mind, the rapper always comes up with ways to make headlines. Unfortunately, most of those headlines have zero to do with her musical career. Her past has been riddled with controversy, from criminal charges to outlandish claims, Banks always has something up her sleeve. A master at garnering attention, all Azealia had to do this time was type up a quick statement on Rihanna's album and make some more boisterous claims about her influence among female rappers.

While Azealia has proven herself to be a consistent talent, she took to her Instagram account to claim she was the most influential female rapper, post-Nicki Minaj. The statement is unquestionably bold and her explanation is surprisingly coherent as she claims that when she says something, there is always a public reaction. Banks continued by writing, "I can 100% see the impact I’ve had on female rap culture. It makes me know that I’m not, and was never crazy. I’m happy to contribute to the arts in whatever way I can. Even if people don’t give me the credit..." In a different comment, Banks says that Rihanna named her album Anti following Azealia's suggestions.

People continually bash Azealia for voicing her opinions, critiquing her mental health and calling her names but, in her own way, she is making sense here. While she may not be the most popular female rapper since Nicki (that goes to Cardi B,) Azealia Banks has continually influenced headlines for the last six years. What do you think about her brash claims? Do you agree with her or not?

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