Eminem & Chance The Rapper Are Hitting Up SNL In November

SNL's November 18th lineup adds serious fuel to the Eminem album rumors.

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Recently, an Interscope-owned website surfaced, heavily indicating that Eminem's forthcoming album would be titled Revival. Not only that, but rumors have long been swirling that Em's latest project would be dropping on November 18th. While neither bit of information has yet to be confirmed by Eminem or his team, fans have been speculating as if Revival is indeed a reality, and one coming sooner than later. We recently speculated on what we know and want from a new Eminem, and you can check that out below. In the mean time, however, a new announcement has surfaced, and there's no doubt it will fuel the speculative fire.

It was recently confirmed that both Eminem and Chance The Rapper would be linking up for Saturday Night Live's November 18th episode, one day after the rumored Revival release date. Chano is set to host the episode, while Em will be handling the music, turning in his seventh career SNL performance. And while this is hardly a concrete confirmation, there's no denying the timing around Em's SNL appearance is certainly interesting. It stands to reason that we should be getting a new single from Em any day now, and it's anybody's guess as to what it might sound like. Bold prediction: Trump will be referenced.

As for Chano, the young Chicago rapper has been winning of late. Chance was recently seen in the studio with 2 Chainz (who is also rumored to appear on Revival), as well as Quavo and Lil Yachty. Not only that, but Chance has also used his platform to take some playful shots at rival Joe Budden, a "beef" that has been comically unfolding on Everyday Struggle. Stay tuned for the Chance and Eminem SNL episode, airing live on Saturday night, November 18th.


Eminem / Chance The Rapper

Eminem & Chance The Rapper Are Hitting Up SNL In November
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