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  • Curren$y's "Pilot Talk 3" Tour (Ep. 1)
    Curren$y's "Pilot Talk 3" Tour (Ep. 1)
    With his Pilot Talk 3 Tour just kicking off earlier this week, Curren$y decided to document his travels & time with a new vlog series. Watch as Curren$y & The Jets leave from New Orleans, Lousiana toward Atlanta, GA for the first stop on the tour. Look for cameos from fellow Jet Life artists T.Y., Roddy, Le$, & Cornerboy P. Peep here for the full tour dates.
  • Action Bronson's "South By South Wonderful" Recap
    Action Bronson's "South By South Wonderful" Recap
    Action Bronson had a heavy presence at SXSW this year. He put on his "South By South Wonderful" showcase with the help of a few friends (us included), on top of which, he gave out free food to fans and seemed sincere in his interactions with them--  whether it was posing for photos, answering questions or giving away his weed. His album release was scheduled for the day after SXSW wrapped up, so it was appropriate to give Mr.
  • Curren$y "JetFlix - Coming Attractions" Vlog (Ep. 1)
    Curren$y "JetFlix - Coming Attractions" Vlog (Ep. 1)
    Curren$y just dropped the latest installment of his JetFlix vlog series. This particular vid prominently features Curren$y and Curren$y affiliate Ty as the JetLife squad makes the journey from NOLA to Austin for SXSW. Insights from the video include: -Curren$y flies coach like a true man of the people.-it is much harder for Curren$y to toke up at SXSW this year.
  • Curren$y Details "Pilot Talk 3," Wants To Sign Joey Fatts
    Curren$y Details "Pilot Talk 3," Wants To Sign Joey Fatts
    Curren$y is busy prepping the highly anticipated Pilot Talk 3 album. The Jet Life captain has already announced a tour to go along with the LP, as well as a release date of April 4th, and during our interview he revealed some of the contributors you'll hear on the album.
  • Curren$y "Audio Dope 5" Video
    Curren$y "Audio Dope 5" Video
    Hours after announcing that he will be hitting the road for the "Pilot Talk 3" Tour, Curren$y decides to come through and share the fifth installment in his “Audio Dope” series.
  • Curren$y Previews Song With RiFF RAFF In "Countdown To Pilot Talk 3"
    Curren$y Previews Song With RiFF RAFF In "Countdown To Pilot Talk 3"
    We have very little information about Curren$y's upcoming album, but from the amount of promo that's pouring in, we're pretty sure it's coming soon. Pilot Talk 3 is a big deal, mainly because it shares a name with the two projects that Spitta built his entire sound off of.
  • Curren$y "Cargo Planes" Video
    Curren$y "Cargo Planes" Video
    After previewing this cut recently, Spitta returns with the full track and a new visual to go along with it. This is the second leak we've received off his highly anticipated Pilot Talk 3, following up "Briefcase." 
  • Curren$y Previews "Cargo Planes" From "Pilot Talk 3"
    Curren$y Previews "Cargo Planes" From "Pilot Talk 3"
    Pilot Talk 3 is coming, and it seems like it may be soon. Curren$y hit us with the first record from the upcoming third installment in his iconic series last week, and today he's shared a new clip from a Joey Fatts-produced song. On Twitter, Spitta declared that "the countdown has begun" for the new project, but so far, we still don't have a release date. What we do know, is we can expect further production from the likes of Ski Beatz, Cool & Dre, and Purp Dog. 
  • Curren$y "Briefcase" Video
    Curren$y "Briefcase" Video
    Curren$y has proved himself a prolific auteur over the last few years, but it all started with his breakthrough album, Pilot Talk. Filtering his weed-centric mixtape work with Wiz Khalifa through some cinematic, nighttime- cruising soundscapes, Spitta introduced a fresh new sound that he's crafted into his own lane.
  • Gunplay Feat. Curren$y & Stalley "Chain Smokin" Video
    Gunplay Feat. Curren$y & Stalley "Chain Smokin" Video
    If there are two things that Gunplay, Stalley and Curren$y all share, its their love for both classic cars and marijuana. Today, they a share a video that celebrates both of those passions. Check out the "Chain Smokin" visuals above.
  • Curren$y "Drug Prescription" Video
    Curren$y "Drug Prescription" Video
    Curren$y has been putting on, not only for his fans and himself, but for his Jet Life crew.
  • Le$ Feat. Curren$y "Come Up" Video
    Le$ Feat. Curren$y "Come Up" Video
    Over the weekend, Curren$y's camp came through with their new Organized Crime mixtape. The Jet Life rapper has been working with Le$ a lot lately, although were not sure if he's officially a part of the Jet Life imprint. Regardless, he made an appearance on the mixtape, alongside Young Roddy, TY, Corner Boy P and more.
  • Curren$y "Fo" Video
    Curren$y "Fo" Video
    Even though he just dropped off Saturday Night Car Tunes last week, Curren$y is taking it back to The Drive In Theatre and sharing some new content from it today. As promised on Wednesday, Curren$y comes through and delivers the official music video for “Fo”. With some fancy low-riders throughout the video, this Jorgey Casanova-directed video is your classic Spitta visual, which isn't a bad thing. Song produced by Cardo and Young Exclusive.
  • Curren$y “The Drive In Theatre Tour” (Carolinas: NC)
    Curren$y “The Drive In Theatre Tour” (Carolinas: NC)
    Curren$y is on tour in support of his most recent mixtape, The Drive-In Theatre, and while last week we saw the rapper take on DC, he's now made his way to North Carolina.As usual, the vlog lasts for a total of 4 minutes and 20 seconds, as Spitta performs in front of a very live audience, and has a hilarious interaction with a nearly passed out fan, who he supplies with a fresh bottle of water. He then tears into a rendition of the Sativa remix of Rick Ross' "Super High"-- a Curren$y fan favorite.
  • Curren$y's Drive In Theatre Tour (DMV: DC) (Part 1)
    Curren$y's Drive In Theatre Tour (DMV: DC) (Part 1)
    Curren$y is currently on a tour across the states in promotion of his Drive In Theatre project, and he's been documenting the trek throughout. We've already seen him touch down in Texas, and in the newest installment in the series, Spitta takes things to DC. It appears this will be the first of three vlogs finding the weeded rapper in the DMV area, and as usual it spans a duration of exactly 4 minutes and 20 seconds.
  • Curren$y Speaks On "Pilot Talk 3" Features & Release Date
    Curren$y Speaks On "Pilot Talk 3" Features & Release Date
    Curren$y the Hot Spitta is definitely one of the realest. He's not about rap game hype or gossip, he stays low-key and does his thing-- which is consistently delivering free music. However, every now and then he'll ask that you pull out your wallet, and we all oblige. This is the case for the upcoming Pilot Talk 3 (the previous two Pilot Talk projects were also commercial releases, and well worth the money), which Curren$y says is on the way in October or November during our new interview with him. 
  • Curren$y's Drive In Theatre Tour: Bus Life
    Curren$y's Drive In Theatre Tour: Bus Life
    Curren$y is currently embarking on a nationwide tour, which he has been documenting along the way in an on-going vlog series. Last week, Spitta gave fans a look at his travels in Texas, and today he’s back with another episode, this time capturing his adventures on the Jet Life bus.
  • Le$ Feat. Curren$y "Prosper" Video
    Le$ Feat. Curren$y "Prosper" Video
    Jet Life rapper Le$ just released a full mixtape with prolific producer, Cookin Soul, and the result was a perfect summer smoking soundtrack (as much of the crew's output could qualify as).Curren$y showed up on a couple of numbers, including "Propser" which earned itself a music video today. The clip finds the two rappers exhibiting some typical stoner behavior, as they lounge on the couch, in front of the Tv for the majority of the video.
  • Curren$y's Drive In Theatre Tour: Texas
    Curren$y's Drive In Theatre Tour: Texas
    Curren$y continues to keep the visuals coming. Following new releases like “A Lil Sumthin" & “House Shoes”, Spitta Andretti is back bringing us a first look into life on the road of his current "Drive In Theatre" tour.
  • Curren$y "House Shoes" Video
    Curren$y "House Shoes" Video
    Curren$y continues to flood the streets with new content. A couple weeks ago, Spitta dropped off the video for his latest release, "A Lil Sumthin", and today he's back at it with a new song & accompanying visual for "House Shoes". The smooth new track is produced by frequent collaborator Thelonious Martin, and will see life on his upcoming project, Pilot Talk 3.
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