[UPDATE: TMZ has now reported that the District Attorney re-filed a misdemeanor assault charge against the rapper earlier today. The Harris county D.A. charged Z-Ro with assault on a family member which is a Class A misdemeanor. This comes only a day after the grand jury decided not to indict him.]

Earlier in the summer, news broke that Z-Ro allegedly viciously attacked his girlfriend Just Brittany. After Brittany's recording of the incident came up in court, he was later charged with felony assault for the incident. Today, TMZ reports that Z-Ro has been exonerated from all charges.

According to court documents TMZ obtained, it says that the grand jury did not indict Z-Ro yesterday on felony assault charges. Charles Adams, who is Z-Ro's attorney, told the website that Brittany had some major inconsistencies between the audio recording she handed over the to court and the written statement that she provided the police after reporting the incident. He says that's why he was acquitted from the charges. Just Brittany claimed that Z-Ro punched, slapped and dragged her around the house while holding a gun. In the surfaced audio recording of the alleged incident, you were able to hear a man say "I'm going to kill this bitch" before a woman's voice scream "let me out of here." 

Z-Ro was arrested and charged in July. Shortly after he was released on bail, he claimed that the whole incident was a publicity stunt for her appearance on the show "Signed." To support his claim, he said that Just Brittany posted a picture on Instagram without any scars, wounds or bruises a few hours after the alleged beating took place. He also said that her complaint came three months after the alleged beating which happened to coincide with her appearance on the show. A little over a week after he said that it was all a publicity stunt, she later went to TMZ's "Raq Rants" show to discuss the alleged incident. She goes into detail about it and says the only reason she didn't call the police that night was because she feared that if he heard her, she wouldn't make it out alive.

Since Just Brittany made the accusations, Z-Ro has completely denied any of the allegations held against him. He's stated that he'd fight the case through to prove his innocence. Now, all charges held against him have been dropped.