Real Name
Joseph Wayne McVey
Alias Name
Rother Vandross, The Mo City Don
Date of Birth
Jan. 19, 1977 - Age 46
Missouri City, Texas
Asylum / Rap-a-Lot / King of the Ghetto Entertainment / One Deep Entertainment
Rother Vandross, The Mo City Don

Artist Bio

Self-proclaimed pioneer of the singing-rapping thang, Houston`s Z-Ro is respected in the H-Town like DJ Screw. In the vein of Nate Dogg and Bone Thugs, Z-Ro's melodic flow has wowed audiences in and out of the South consistently for nearly two decades. Among Z-Ro's close affiliates are legendary cats such as Scarface, Willie D, and the late Pimp C. Since releasing his debut LP Look What You Did To Me in 1998, the Texas rapper has released 18 studio albums, seven collaborative projects with other rappers, and more than 15 mixtapes. Between the years 2008 and 2012, Z-Ro, ever the perfectionist, released five acclaimed albums named after drugs (CrackCocaineHeroineMeth, and Angel Dust). His latest album Drankin' and Drivin' was released in July 2016.