After Just Brittany went on "Raq Rants" last week, she revealed some disturbing and vivid details about the night that her boyfriend Z-Ro allegedly assaulted her. While she pretty much detailed the whole evening during the interview, she also mentioned that she ended up recording audio during the assault instead of calling the police.

Earlier today, an Instagram video was posted that had the alleged recording. The audio itself is incredibly disturbing. The audio contains what sounds like Z-Ro starting off by saying "I'm going to kill this b*tch" before going into a slew of profanities directed towards Just Brittany. A few seconds deeper into the recording, you could hear her scream "let me out of here" before she plead for him to stop hitting her. Z-Ro is heard continuously saying "Shut up b*tch" aggressively a few times with what Just Brittany crying in the background.

Although it's hard to say that this is the actual audio footage of that night, it does align with what Just Brittany was saying in her interview on "Raq Rants."

The actual recording is allegedly 21 minutes long but only a minute of it was allegedly leaked onto the internet. It's a very disturbing minute of audio. The police arrested Z-Ro after Just Brittany showed them the whole audio clip.

Z-Ro says he plans on fighting the case and that this whole thing is a publicity stunt. 

Check the clip below at your own discretion, it is very disturbing.