The City Girls are setting the record straight on being trendsetters. Since the rap duo released their debut studio album Period last May, they've quickly become one of the hottest acts in the rap game. Yung Miami has held things down while JT has been in jail, and she's noticed that women in rap have deviated from violent lyrics and have moved on to spitting bars that are more sexual in nature—and she credits City Girls for being the catalyst for that change.

"A yr ago female rappers were rapping about shooting and fighting like n*ggas now everybody rapping bout pimpin n*ggas and they p*ssy!" Yung Miami wrote on Instagram. "Say I'm lying. Every time I do a interview they say we haven't heard music like this since Trina & Kim." She added to her message with a caption that reads: "Me and jatavia talked about this all last night lol. Y’all can say wtf y’all want about our music but our sh*t was different and in our OWN LANE! We stuck with our Miami sound and ran with it every time I do a interview they say we haven’t had music like this since Trina & lil Kim!"

JT co-signed Yung Miami's sentiments when she commented, "And that’s on period. 💕" An Instagram user told Yung Miami that although the content may be similar to the veteran female rappers, City Girls aren't as lyrically-centered. The pair are also known for rapping off-beat, something that the commenter said they should work on. Yung Miami told the person, "We make fun turn up music we not tryna be lyrical." 

Hey, at least she's honest. To her first point, it should be noted that a year ago (and prior) there were rappers like Kash Doll, Cardi BKamaiyah, Tommy Genesis, Dreezy, Saweetie, Asian Doll/Asian Da Brat, Megan Thee Stallion, Iggy Azalea, Queen Key, and CupcakKe, all of whom have dropped rhymes of a similar nature for years.