He's often paraded as being a rapper, but Yung Bleu is here to take over the R&B game. The Alabama artist was already buzzing in the industry, but after Bleu was able to snag a Drake feature for the remix of his "Your Mines Still" single, the spotlight has stayed on the 27-year-old star. With an Instagram handle like "BleuVandross", it's clear that the singer-rapper intends to occupy multiple genre lanes, and he has something to say about R&B.

He took to Triller to show off his skills while adding a thought about the current R&B scene.

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"I’m saving r&b n*ggas lyrics dnt hit this deep no more ..just wait on it," he wrote in the caption. His fans co-signed his sentiment, however, others weren't so sure. After The Neighborhood Talk reposted the clip, R&B veteran Tank weighed in with his opinion.

"You gotta let this generation sing their r&b the way they feel it," Tank commented. "The rhythm always changes and the blues is personal so no one can tell you how to create your art. 'Real' is what’s true to you. That kid @bleuvandross is dope and he has the support of a person who’s been doing it successfully for over 20 years! R&B MONEY!"

There have been several discussions about the current state of R&B as critics and artists have stated that its influence in the industry has faltered in the last two decades. Check out the post below.

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