More "Greatest R&B" conversations are ready to be had and Jermaine Dupri is kicking off the discussion this week. Last week, we reported on Charlamagne Tha God praising Miguel as the great R&B singer within the last 10 years, and soon, people were debating the most influential voices coming out of the genre.

Dupri recently hopped online to honor Brown and in the process, he detailed why the music legend deserves the top title in R&B. Brown's career has been plagued with controversies, but for many, his talents supersede any scandals of the past.

Jermaine Dupri, R&B, Bobby Brown
Allen Berezovsky / Stringer / Getty Images

"We gotta give everybody our flowers," said Dupri. "I see everybody saying that, but we gotta really start doing it. Don't play wit' t. So, I'm here giving this man his flowers." Dupri's video cut off so he took a brief break to deal with technical issues before returning to continue his thoughts. 

"What I was saying is Bobby Brown is truly the King of R&B," said Dupri. "Don't get it f*cked up. Right? It ain't many artists that come out and they understand they swag before they records come out, they understand they look before they records come out... And then they go work with all the right producers. You ain't really seen many artists in this era of music, especially in R&B, do that at all."

Dupri mentioned that Brown in his heyday worked with two of the most legendary producers in the Soul, R&B, Pop, and New Jack Swing genres: Babyface and Teddy Riley. "He went and got the top producers to make his album, "Prerogative." That means he knew off top where he was headed, right?" The So So Def icon also brought up "On Our Own," Brown's 1989 Ghostbusters hit, saying that Brown created "style."

Check out his clip below and let us know if you agree.