It seems as though Young Thug isn't interested in the Gucci boycott that rappers like T.I, Soulja Boy and more have been so vocal about. Thugger was recently in the studio with a number of his YSL affiliates, previewing some new music on his Instagram story. While people were excited about the song playing in the background, some fans immediately took issue with one article of Thug's clothing. The Atlanta rapper was wearing the controversial Gucci blackface sweater in the clip.

Rachel Murray/Getty Images

Many artists have been publicly speaking out against the luxury fashion brand for releasing the item on their shelves. It was reportedly removed from all of their retail locations but Young Thug clearly has connections at Gucci who were willing to send one to his doorstep. Gunna, Lil Gotit, and more are all seen vibing in the stu before Jeffery turns the camera on himself, rapping through the mouth hole in the balaclava. Obviously, he wouldn't have even posted this if he didn't expect at least a little bit of backlash. Thug is no stranger to controversy. This is just the latest example of him actually embracing it.

Do you think this was a dumb move on his part or are you supporting his decision? Also, what are your thoughts on the Gunna preview?